A downloadable game for Windows

Control a swarm of unique, upgradable drones to retrieve your stolen flower! 

Success will require multitasking as you keep fRED out of harm's way while sending in your flying battalion. Collect and upgrade 4 different drones to fight a variety of enemies on your mission to reclaim what was lost.

This is my first game, created in about 3 months using GameMaker Studio 2. I've got to give a huge thanks to Shaun Spalding for excellent tutorials on the engine, and to Tim Ruswick and the Game Dev Underground community for their support.

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip and run the executable inside.


fRED.zip 3 MB

Development log


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Looking great! Still amazingly fun to play!



Very good game .. There is something so satisfying about being a boss and letting your drones clear everything for you. I like it very much.

A few Pointers :

- The menu buttons use Left Click check i assume instead of left chick check pressed .. Because if i hold the mouse it will push the button as soon as im near it (the fullscreen toggle button glitches because of that).

- i found out a cheat in the final boss where i can stand in one place and not get hit at all (i won't say what it is but i can dodge almost all the bullets).

Other then these very well done.